Thursday, September 22, 2016

Teleseryes are making a mockery of the medical procedure....

This teleserye's are making a mockery of the medical procedure. Long before I have seen some cases of asystole where the patient is being defibrillated and people with ET Tube talking.

I cannot understand as to why these television companies cannot afford to hire a consultant to at least present the medical aspect in the right manner.

It may come out funny to those who know, but it is also a slap on our medical personnel since this can be seen by the world.

I am appealing to the director, producer of these teleserye's, please hire a consultant and correct these errors...

What is the purpose of the Nasal Cannula?

Photo from chroniclesofMD

Is this a new model of an ET Tube? 

Photo from chroniclesMD


  1. The thing is most screen writters or whoever is in charge of creating the story, those who are in charge of the props accounting for the small details and even the directors themselves do not do research. No wonder they end up ripping off foreign shows only crappier.


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