Monday, September 12, 2016

Airline Companies Prohibits the use Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on board the plane

Just a few weeks after Samsung launched its new  Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, the company issued a major recall due to complaints that the device caught on fire while charging. The problem was traced to its battery.

In line with these developments  Federal Aviation Administration is warning travelers to avoid turning on or charging Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones while flying because of concerns about the devices catching fire.

Considering this, major airline companies in the Philippines, Philippine airlines, Cebu Pacific including Air Asia now prohibits the use of of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on their flights for safety reasons until further advice.

This does not mean however that you cannot bring your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on the plane. It can be hand-carried but should not be turned on for the whole flight duration. It also does not allow the item to be placed in checked in baggage, more info on these through CNN Philippines

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