Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Basic ECG Interpretation

How good is your ecg interpretation skills? I think most of us in the medical field find ecg interpretation quite confusing. True indeed, it requires practice, practice and practice.

If you already have a basic idea on interpretation, then one way to enhance your skills is to visit this site:

Once on the site, you will see a link for ECG Simulator. Simply click the link and it will direct you to this:

Simply click OK and this will direct you to either PREP or PLAY

You can then select from any of the choices to understand and learn different ECG rhythms. From there, you can then test your skills by clicking the PLAY button and it will direct you to this:

You will be given a time of one minute to interpret different ECG rhythms and at the end of the one minute time, you will find out how good or how much practice you still need to do.

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