Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Key To Manage Stress Is a Balanced Diet

As a rescuer, we will always be affected by stress. Physically and emotionally. There are many ways or methods of handling stress. Some may be positive but some may be harmful. Taking medications most likely would be the last thing that we should do to relieve ourselves from stress.

Perhaps the key to overcome stress is to start from the food we eat. Remember that food is our fuel. It makes our body run. Without proper nutrition, performance will surely be affected.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Basic ECG Interpretation

How good is your ecg interpretation skills? I think most of us in the medical field find ecg interpretation quite confusing. True indeed, it requires practice, practice and practice.

If you already have a basic idea on interpretation, then one way to enhance your skills is to visit this site:

Once on the site, you will see a link for ECG Simulator. Simply click the link and it will direct you to this:

Simply click OK and this will direct you to either PREP or PLAY

You can then select from any of the choices to understand and learn different ECG rhythms. From there, you can then test your skills by clicking the PLAY button and it will direct you to this:

You will be given a time of one minute to interpret different ECG rhythms and at the end of the one minute time, you will find out how good or how much practice you still need to do.

You may join our Advance Cardiac Life Support Training (ACLS) to learn more about ECG Interpretation. CONTACT US.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Automatic Chest Compression

 Automatic Chest Compression Device.... making CPR easy....

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation is the key to survival. However, such procedure is tiring most especially now that the rate of compression has been increased from 100 per minute to 100-120 per minute.

Just imagine yourself compressing and you are in the ambulance running in high speed..... Well, due to the advent of technology, performing chest compression while on the run may not be that tiring anymore....

However please bear in mind that this equipment can only be utilized by trained responders. But it surely is a welcome development in the field of emergency medical services.

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